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How to increase your auto repair shop business.

Need more business - How to increase your auto repair shop business.

Add an additional $5,000 to $15,000 per month in new business without buying anything or spending a ton on advertising.

Get EasyPay Finance! Start offering your customers who are unable to pay today a chance to finance the repairs and pay nothing down today getting them back on the road and getting you the sale. We do this for customers with good to bad credit.

We also can help you bring in new business without adding to your advertising budget. Take a page out of what the car dealers do…they get on the radio and TV and yell as loud as they can…good credit, bad credit, no problem…come on down! This attracts the customers who have troubled to bad credit.

You don’t have to advertise on radio or TV. When you sign up with EasyPay we will send you posters and flyers for the inside of your store for free. Outdoor banners for people passing by and online links and banners for your website are available.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Put up the indoor promotional materials provided by EasyPay
  2. Order the outdoor banner (we have multiple sizes, they are not expensive)
  3. Add our the EasyPay application banner or link to your website (takes 5 mins)
  4. Add to your existing print or social media the following…we have financing for good to bad credits with no money down and 90 days interest free
  5. Teach your staff to sell financing…they need to at least tell everyone who gets a quote in person or on the phone that you take cash, credit cards or have an easy finance option for them where they can get the work done today and pay over time and it works for good to bad credits.

Most of the people who really need the financing option, have troubled to bad credit and are afraid to ask. But if you tell them, then they will respond.

Our program is online, provides instant decisions, there’s no equipment to buy, your customer applies on your website, or in store on a computer, tablet or their smart phone. It is paperless and takes just a few minutes from start to finish.

We do all that with no monthly fees, no long term obligations and just a per transaction fee of 2.99% for each funded deal, so about the same as your credit card. This is really is a no brainer and that’s why we serve thousands of auto repair shops including national chains like Meineke, Midas, Aamco etc.

Sign up takes just a few more minutes and you can be offering this to your customers in 48 hours or less. Remember, the key to success is the marketing part.  If you just have it available you will pick up one or two customers per month, but if you market it as described you will pick up 5 to 7 new deals per month on average.

Let’s get you started and on your way to an extra $5K to 15K per month!

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