Helpful Tips for EasyPay Merchants

Helpful Tips for EasyPay Merchants

Tip #1 – Don’t let a decline by your primary lender lose the sale

Which conversation would you rather have? “You’re declined!” or “You’re pre-qualified!”

Picture this:

  • You’ve just run your customer’s credit through your prime lender and they’re declined.
  • Quickly transition from your prime lender with the same information gathered for your primary lender for the EasyPay pre-qualification app.
  • Find out they’re pre-qualified and save the sale in 2 minutes or less.

Try this next time your customer is declined from your primary lender and we’re confident you’ll see an increase in store sales.


P.S. If you haven’t seen the new pre-qual app yet… we highly recommend checking it out, or learning more about it from our guide by clicking here.

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